Tuesday, July 06, 2010


AALEAD took the secondary schools program from DC and Maryland on a camping trip on June 29 - 30 2010. According to the students, the trip was pleasurable and enjoyable. Some of the favorite activities included the canoeing, and how they sung songs around the campfire and ate smores.

The swimming pool was very fancy and had numerous rides and slides . As one student said " I went to the swimming pool and had a blast!"

All of the activities, places, and creatures were delightful, except for the bugs and the mosquitoes. We show great appreciation for the trip and for all you do AALEAD:)!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Introducing our new intern, Shirley Zhang!


English Name: Shirley Zhang
Chinese Name: Zengwen Zhang
Age: Guess or...ask me..if you want.
M/F: Female.. (obviously)
From: China..yeah.!!! (far away...)
Habits: Shopping. Badminton.etc..


I'm a year two finance student in Beijing Normal University Hong Kong Bampist University United International College which is very close to Macow. But I live in Guangzhou, another beautiful city.

This is my 1st time to U.S. It looks really different from China, but I have great fun here. It's exciting to figure out all the things I don't know by myself. Living in a totally different culture enables me to learn more. This is a great time to let me experience the life style in U.S. But I still need more time to get used to the food here. Anyway, I like this trip.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to talk to me anytime !!!