Monday, September 21, 2009


Cultural Exploration...what is it?

This is what the AALEAD Program Staff explored on Friday, September 18, 2009. At our Fall Kick-off, each programs staff came up with an activity, game, or presentation that showcased what Cultural Exploration meant for them! This is our theme for this fall.
What a fun afternoon it was! Some of the highlights included:

· Quick facts about working with Asian American youth and families
· Briefing on working with Immigrant Youth

· A live demonstration of how to make bubble tea

· Introducing the idea of an AALEAD youth and family cookbook
· An interactive web demonstration of fun games
· A collaborative idea with another organization framing a neat poetry/writing exercise
· A video on Pakistan

· A mix and mingle activity on the history of the Philippines
· An arts and crafts lesson on making a Chinese Lantern

· Learning to work with and observe different cultures via the “NUNOKNUS” activity

We also learned that culture is not defined by ethnicity, holidays, or foods--but instead, encompasses having an open perspective on viewing life. Our families, our communities, our activities and experiences... all of these contribute to what makes "culture" for each of us. Our job at AALEAD will be to provide meaningful experiences so that each student can feel proud of not only sharing their own culture, but also how others view things as well!

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