Tuesday, December 08, 2009

116 Sack Lunches For Those Less Fortunate...Way To Go AALEAD'ers!

November 21st, 2009 seventeen of Maryland's middle and high schoolers united to create, package, and deliver sack lunches to Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless. In total 116 sack lunches were made, and each lunch included an encouraging letter hand written by the students themselves.

Two students wrote about their experience and answered the following question:
"Does helping others help me to be a better person? Why?"

My name is Kaison Wu. I come from a 100% Chinese family. I currently attend A. Mario Loiederman for the creative and performing arts. I enjoy art/chorus (electives). I am an 8th grader. I found AALEAD when my cousins went to AALEAD at Loiederman 2 years ago. This is my 3rd year in AALEAD. The first year was a blast, second year…well…okay, 3rd is undecided, it’s going well so far.Helping others does help yourself because you learn to spread knowledge to others, so they know or earn a certain need. When I help someone it helps me feel accomplished because it makes me know that I am making this world a better place.

- Kaison 8th grader

My name is JJ Querubin. I am in the 7th grade. I go to A. Mario Loiederman Middle School. The reason why I joined AALEAD is because my brother and sister were in it and my parents wanted me to join it, so I did. So when I went to the SSL hour (student service learning) to make sandwiches for the homeless, it made me a better person because knowing that people aren’t starving from food because some very nice Asian people gave them some great sandwiches. I’m not just saying that the people got food, I’m saying because my mom when she was little she was poor so she had to work at a very young age so that makes me so happy; and makes me feel like a better person.

- JJ 7th grader

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