Monday, March 09, 2009

February is “Loving our neighbor month for EAS”

By supporting a clean and green community…..
The cold winter did not hinder our students to show their love to their neighbor. They started their indoor gardening in partnership with the City Blossoms, an organization that helps students creatively use their skills to grow a functioning garden. We started an indoor gardening project through which the students learned in a creative and enjoyable way the basics of gardening. The students also learned responsibility by having assigned students to water and monitor their plants.

By honoring the elderly….
Our Thomson students celebrated Valentine’s Day last February 13 by preparing Valentine cards, candies, and plenty of hugs to the elderly people of Asbury Methodist Church. The senior citizens and children also mutually enjoyed the opportunity to play board games.

By honoring the parents…

The Bancroft students honored their parents by giving lovely picture frames with their own pictures and love messages and designs.

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