Thursday, March 19, 2009

SSP Lock In March 6 - 7 2009

On March 6th, 30 AALEAD youth met at our Community Center in Columbia Heights for some quality bonding and fun time! The Lock In was a success - with games, movies, and food planned for the whole night.

Youth had this to say about their experiences:

Eduardo -"I enjoyed the lock-in a lot because we had a chance to meet and get to know people better. We did stuff like ice breakers where we introduced ourselves and said something about ourselves. We also watched movies and played taps. Late at night we played a game where we had to be honest and answer some questions. In the morning we cooked breakfast and then left - which was the worst part (besides no sleep!)"

Jimmy - "The lock-in was fun and exciting. It was a way for us to bond and get a long. Hanging - talking about problems - so we can help on another. My favorite part of the lock in was our Guys Time. The worst part was leaving for home."

Thanks to all the staff that spent the night - Don Kim and Jonathan Henry! and of course the staff and volunteers that supported us at various times in the night - Kelly, Miori, Yamir, and Kendra!

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