Monday, October 19, 2009

AALEAD participates in Lights On After School!

After-school programs are so important. In the words of some students around the District:

If we didn’t have after school we would have to stay with our parent at work. Who would like that. (Age 8)

Afterschool programs are important. They keep youth off of the street and do great things like clean streets and feed the homeless. Not funding these programs is bad. (Age 15)

After school programs are important because it is something to keep your mind occupied, and not focused on all the negative things in this world. (Age 17)

To support this cause, AALEAD participated in the Lights On Event hosted by the After-school Alliance, DCAYA, and other groups. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan also made remarks!

The event was hosted at the Department of Education.

Our students were able to walk in the parade of students, eat meatballs and cake at the reception, but more importantly, see a different perspective behind the making of after-school programs that they had never seen before!

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