Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Elementary After School Program starts with a busy month

We have 110 students enrolled in our after school program for our Bancroft and Thomson sites. Most of these students are in our programs for many years now. Our staff and volunteers on site have been preparing different activities for our students.

Our program starts with recreation time for our students as they need to unwind from their long day at school.

Then snack time.....

Our staff and volunteers support our students in doing their homework. Our staff members are consistent in making sure that all our students have been doing their homework

After the homework time the students will have their "Power Hour" where students are engage in doing different enrichment activities that our staff prepared. For the last past weeks our students are doing : Arts & Crafts, Math activities, Guitar lesson, Chinese Dance and Gardening.

Small group session

Arts & Crafts

Chinese Dance every Thursday for our Thomson site.

Gardening at Bancroft School garden every Wednesday with our volunteer Teacher.

Our team also started the "15 minute Reading time" where students need to stop everything that they are doing and do reading. This is to encourage our students to improve on their reading skills.

Each day of our program our goal is to create an environment where are students can learn and enjoy their after school time with AALEAD.

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