Monday, November 02, 2009


On October 27th AALEAD hosted its annual Haunted House at the AALEAD Center in DC. AALEAD invited elementary students from Bancroft and Thompson Elementary to share in an early Halloween celebration. High school students from Wilson, Cardozo, and Bell High school came together and built an amazing haunted maze on the second floor of the center. The Haunted House was filled with everything from students wearing scary masks, strobe lights, tons of spider webs, and scary music.

While elementary students waited their turn to enter the haunted house tour, stations were set up on the first floor to keep them entertained. There were stations to get face paint, play board games, hear scary stories, and to color in pictures. After everyone had gone into the haunted house, the elementary students got to participate in a costume contest and possibly win a$10 Target gift card. For the elementary students, Vy Nguyen won the gift card.

After the elementary students left, the SSP students got to relax with a couple of games, pizza, and music. Olivia Milholo created a scavenger hunt in the AALEAD Center and SSP student searched high and low for the clues hidden in different rooms. Kennedy Nguyen won the Halloween Costume contest and received a $20 gift card to Pot Belly's.
This year's AALEAD Haunted House was big success. We had about 30 high school students help out and around 80 elementary students come by. Thank you to all the staff and students that came out and helped. I look forward to next year's haunted house, which will be bigger and scarier!

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