Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why I keep coming to aalead.

I felt like coming to AALEAD because there is a lot of stuff to learn from all the staff at AALEAD and they help us with homework and school. The reason i come is i can meet new friends and staff at AALEAD and chill with other people after school because i don't want to be on the computer all the time so i want to come out and hang out with friends and play some ball. After AALEAD program is over and there is always food for u when u come and do a lot of programs like cooking on Thursday, meeting on Wednesday and there is like holiday events for every holiday. There is a lot of helpful staff here at AALEADthat is willing to help people with school work and others like important stuff with and i really got to thank to all the staffs at AALEADthat help me with a lot of problems i had from the past like getting kicked out of school and coming here to AALEAD and they talk to me about why did i get kicked out and i told them that i got in to fights and stuff or not wearing the right stuff for school (jeans and T shirt). The people that i am really thank for is Alex and all the otherAALEAD staffs because they have really helped me on a lot of stuff that i needed help on and if they weren't there to help me with all this stuff i wouldn't even turn out to be a good kid right now but yes there is really a lot of things to learn at AALEAD and helpful staffs that is willing to help you on anything that they can help you on. The reason why i am coming to AALEAD is that i really want to learn about how to become a good kid and not turn out to be a kid that's in a gang or like wannabe gangsta. I am trying to change that and not go that path of being one. There is a lot of things that i am going though but i am telling some of the AALEAD staff about the drama i been though, so some of the staff that can help me with they tells me whats good and whats bad.

Written by Kevin Chen

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