Monday, February 01, 2010

AALEAD Girls Day Out to Smithsonian freer Gallery in DC!

As planned, AALEAD Girls leadership Program went on a field trip to Smithsonian freer Gallery of Art on January 30th (Saturday) in DC.

This was an effort to better understand on how we can build bridges between the journey to explore self, world and universal peace by using the art of freer collection, where students listened to the Young women ages 12-19 reading their original poetry in the galleries inspired by the freer collection, tours of the Japanese, Indian subcontinent Art and tea collection.

Though due to snow shower, just few students turned up but it was good to have staff member and two volunteers joining us. It was certainly a good trip and everyone enjoyed the game, poetry, playing in snow and hot Chocolate. Below are some pictures from the trip , ENJOY!

Young women presenting on "Wade in the water" What if it snows, we can still ENJOY!

My feet are cold now! Who can copy the statue better Girls marching towards the Bus stop

Enjoying poerty at the Gallery Playing“would you rather” before the field trip


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