Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Going Green Project with an Intern

I am Juwon Jung from South Korea. I am studying at American University through Washington Semester Program. Washington Semester Program is a diversity program that is composed of seminar and internship. In my case, I am majoring in Architecture Engineering and really interested in city development, environment, and Asian issues. That is why I chose Transforming Communities and I got an internship at AALEAD.
It is a great opportunity for me to work at AALEAD. Especially, I liked the Going Green Project that emphasizes on environments, because I had many experiences in regards to climate and pollution.
My supervisor at AALEAD is Danny. I am will be working with him for 2 months, I am in charge of ETO, office work, organizing file and going green project. My first going green project with the students was making a piggy bank from recycled plastic bottles. It was a great activity to learn about going green. To know the importance of environment is essential factors for children; and also to save money to help the students learn on the importance of savings.

On March 2,.2010, We had this going green project with 3rd graders at Thomson school. It was pretty fun. I showed sample pictures to the children and explained how to make a piggy bank by using empty plastic bottles. The students designed their empty bottles in as they would like it but I was surprised, because most of the students did very well than I thought, even in the example. I could know that they have creative imagination. After we finished the activity, the students expressed that it was so interesting and had fun with other student. I was so happy. My time here at AALEAD has been great so far, I am sure that my rest time at AALEAD will be so good too! Thanks!

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