Tuesday, March 23, 2010

January through March, 2010 AALEAD Monthly Parent Group Meetings in DC/MD

Majority of immigrant Chinese parents, who participate in AALEAD monthly parent group meetings, have expressed an interest in applying for such public assistance as subsidized housing, utility and/or rental assistance. Those parents, who currently have "green card," also voice a desire to utilize available legal assistance for applying for citizenship. To address these parents' needs and concerns. AALEAD conducted DC Housing "Information and Application" workshop on 1/26/10, through joint efforts with DC Housing Authority and Chinatown Services Center. On 3/17/10, a workshop, for MD parents, on Immigration Legal Assistance took place through partinership with APALRC. APALRC will conduct another workshop on Immigrantion Legal Assistance for AALEAD DC parents, as well as those parents, who receive services from Chinatown Services Center on 3/23/2010. It is noteworthy that a representative from Housing Counseling Services, Inc. was present for the workshop on 1/26/10 to discuss available housing assistance offered by the agency. AALEAD will continue to explore opportunities to work with above mentioned, and other, community partners to identify new ways to better serve immigrant Chinese families.

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