Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Paper Making at Pyramid Atlantic

A few years ago, AALEAD staff spent a few hours at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring, and upon Rick Chen's recommendation, Mentoring decided to bring a few mentees and mentors back for an art-filled afternoon on February 20, 2010.

After a short presentation from our host, Gretchen, we got into the hands-on part, filling our basins with pulp made from recycled jeans, and straining that into pieces of paper. Our guys liked it because it was messy and fun to play with, while the girls like the different results from mixing colors and painting with pulp.

We also learned about how paper is pressed and dried flat. All our students got to take turns placing paper in the "hot box" (where the sheets are dried) and some took part in Gretchen's demonstrations.

Everyone worked together to clean the studio toward the very end, and showed what real AALEAD teamwork looks like. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Check out Pyramid Atlantic's Blog for a few more pics!

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